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A collection of links to various articles, interviews, comments, & transcripts relating to the film can be found on this page.  Some are on other websites.

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 Director Kurt Wimmer
 Articles & Interviews

  • DVD Commentary Transcripts - "I always thought that 1984 was about socialism and Fahrenheit 451 was about Mccarthyism while for me this particular film was about numbness. It's about numbness I think as brought on by over saturation potentially from the media. It's about numbness that is brought on by self-medication, whether it be over the counter or under the counter...any of the ways that we have made ourselves insensible to the environment around us."
  • Dreamwatch Interview - "I was trying to create a world that looked different from other sci-fi films, rather than another Blade Runner clone. We couldn't afford to digitally create a world or to build it, so we had to find it existing someplace..."
  • Interview @ Sci/Fi Dimensions - "...a film about the current trend in America to regulate what people can and cannot feel had not been done to my knowledge ....films are legal drugs, and I want to make some of the most addictive drugs around."
  • Index of Comments @ CHUD Message Boards - "I didn't use wire-work because I've never liked it...for me the camera is an integral third party in any action dance..."
  • Interview with CHUD - "What I based the Grammaton Clerics on was sort of a cross-section of a number of the aesthetic warriorhoods that existed throughout history like the mamluks who were slave warriors and were often castrated, which is not to say they felt nothing, but there were certainly some things they didn't feel..."
  • Film Force: 10 Questions - " Personally, I believe, with occasional exceptions, character is plot..."
  • FEARSmag Interview - "This particular film allowed me to create, within the budget, a stylized world. It gave me something to latch onto in terms of design...."
  • UFA Conference Report: 2005 - It [Equilibrium] was my one hit failure. His thought after the films poor box office distribution and results was Ill never direct again.

 Site Exclusives

 Other Articles, Interviews
 & Comments

  • Atlanta ComiCon Article: 2003 - "AtlantaCon and Chud.com teamed up to present a special screening of "Equilibrium" and a Q&A session with writer/director, Kurt Wimmer..."
  • Christian's Crusade - While the director oversees a rehearsal of the scene, the actor pulls up a canvas chair. For the moment, he's wearing a sharp white suit with a high collar, buttoned up to the neck... He looks incredibly poised, and the suit hangs superbly. In fact, he could pass for a fashion model...
  • Klaus Badelt Talks Equilibrium... - Two short sections about Equilibrium from interviews Klaus Badelt, the film's composer, did for several sites.
  • Digital Firepower (article about the CGI) - "...with Equilibrium, we had to make thousands of decisions as to what would make the city look real.  How could we make Libria look like a real city even at different times of the day, given that there is no city on Earth that looks like Libria?  How could we create this city so that it felt as real as the live action?" (Special thanks to ProziumAbuser for finding this!!)
  • Equilibrium: dietro le quinte - Italian Equilibrium article (for English translation...but watch that grammar!!)
  • Jim Vickers Interview @ Sci-Fi Online (Fight Choreographer) - "We developed a mindset where we were using weapons, like guns, as extensions of the human body."(thanks to Dave)
  • Hidden Gems @ BoxOfficeProphets.com -  "The film brings up questions of theology and conformity and how they are affected by deep, personal conflict while maintaining a consistent pace that allows for some very exciting action scenes." (thanks to AgentPat!)
  • Equilibrium (CHUD) - "The film that had the biggest impact on me regarding action would be Saturday Night Fever..."
  • Empire Article - Kung Fu: New & Improved - "I did it in my yard with two prop guns and I just worked it out," says the director. "It's fairly self-evident. I didn't cover nearly all the stuff I came up with..."
  • Ice Cold In Berlin - "The dark sides of Berlin especially attract Hollywood. The city hosts a society of emotionless zombies in the Sci-Fi-Thriller Equillibrium..."
  • Christian Bails on His Feelings - "Christian Bale has spent the past five hours blowing away the same nine people, over and over again. "Repetition," he sighs, "seems to be my job..."
  • Production Notes - "There are some really amazing choreographed action sequences in the film," Bale points out, "and I wanted to be ready..."
  • A World Without Feelings - "I had sort of spent 10 years thinking that the world was founded and held together by ideas. I realized again pretty fortunately that, in fact, the world was held together by emotions..."
  • The Stax Report: Script Review of Librium - "Like a junkie who is detoxifying, Preston is overwhelmed by a rush of sensations; for perhaps the first time in his life, John is experiencing true emotion and he seems to like it..."
  • Press Archive - More Equilibrium related articles @ Compleat Sean Bean

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